Exercises For Stomach

The Best Exercises For Your Stomach

The Best Exercises For Stomach (1)

Is there anyone who doesn’t need a toned stomach? No and that is why you have to do the right exercises at all time.

But you would ask, what are good exercises for the stomach?

This article will give you the best tummy exercises both for men and women and leave you with the kind of stomach that you have always wanted to have.

1. Kettlebell swing

Here you are required to bend at your hips holding Kettlebell or dumbbells at your arms’ length. Using both hands you should rock the dumbbells backwards letting your hands pass between your legs. You should also forcefully swing your hips to the front and lift the weight to your shoulder level. Ensure you do not strain your lower back as you repeatedly do this. If you do this correctly, your unwanted belly will go away in days and leave you in perfect shape. Now women should not be complaining that they do not have a befitting exercise to give their bellies the shape they like.

The Best Exercises For Stomach (3)2. Burpees

The funny thing with your tummy is that you have to work out as many body muscles as possible. You will need an exercise that does that. Burpees are the best shot in giving you such a holistic muscle workout. It involves doing a push, transitioning to a jump and back to the pushup. You will be exercising your body from the head to the toe. This is a proven exercise that would help you lose your belly faster than you thought. This is more ideal for men, so for women you can try something else.

3. Squat thrusts

You spread your feet wider than your shoulders’ width. Follow this with bending at your knees and lower your body into a squatting position. Quickly revert from this position and get back to standing. You can also opt for a jump as you get back from the squatting. Even for the ladies who think they are big for any kind of belly exercise; this one would be easy for them.

4. Medicinal ball slamThe Best Exercises For Stomach (2)

Heard of ball medicine in high school? If not, you are missing out much. You are required to hold a ball over your shoulder as part your feet wide. From that position you should slam the ball onto the floor as hard as you have the energy for it. Repeat the same and you have a perfect way to give you a shaped-up stomach.

Now you see, having a toned tummy is as simple as this as long as you are doing your exercises right. Stop the bad exercises and get on to do what is right.