Signs that Show You Need to See an Optician

girl having an eye checkup

Regular eye checkup is as good as a physical examination. It is beneficial to all and more specifically those with a family history of eye disorders. Most people have realized that prevention is the key to better eye care. The worst mistake to make is waiting for signs and symptoms to manifest then run to a doctor.  An optician is specialized in making lenses and fitting glasses correct eyesight problems.

When you need to see an optician

Color blindnesssadsadasda

It is a problem of having difficulty in distinguishing color shades and intensity. In most cases, color blindness can be hard for a patient to discover until they get tested. It is a major problem experienced by males.

Retinal detachment

Retinal detachment is a condition characterized by sudden flashes of lights that combine with black floating spots in one’s vision. In other cases, it comes along with a veil that blocks a part of one’s vision. The best way to detect the condition is by covering one eye then testing one after the other.

Night blindness

Night blindness is a common eye problem that affects most people. It is a condition that affects one’s ability to differentiate objects, particularly under low light conditions. Night blindness is a clear sign for one to seek attention from an optician.


Cataracts is a significant vision problem that can bar one from renewing their driving license. It can be identified by going for an eye test examination. The common symptoms of cataracts include hazy vision, weak night vision where one experiences difficulty in detecting movements and object details.

Other symptoms of cataracts include blinding effect especially from automobile lights and bright sunlight, overlapping images from one eye and opaque appearance on one pupil. Moreover, painful inflammation and pressure from one eye suggest a problem in one’s vision.

Itching and erwerwerwrwburning eyes

It is normal to experience itching eyes when exposed to certain conditions. However, when itching persists, it may be an indication of the onset of eyesight problems. Anyone that experiences unusual sensation of itching should consider seeking medical attention.

Seeing is critical to one’s safety. Seeking attention from a licensed optician is an imperative step one can take. It is good to have one’s eyesight checked regularly to avoid developing extreme vision problems. Most of the conditions can be prevented and treated early. The above signs show when you need to see an optician.

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