Wrist Tendonitis Symptoms

suffering from Wrist Tendonitis

Wrist tendonitis also referred to as tenosynovitis, is a condition which involves inflammation or irritation in the tendons located on the wrist joint. There are several tendons located around the area of the wrist joint. Tendonitis occurs whenever one or more of those tendons become affected. It originates from the point where the tendons cross one another. Tendons connect muscles to the bones, so a person’s wrist tendons connect the muscles of the forearm to the bones located on the hands. There are several wrist tendonitis symptoms which indicate that a person is vulnerable to developing this condition.


lkklklklklklThe most common symptom experienced by people who have wrist tendonitis is extreme wrist pain. It also results in swelling of the wrist itself and its surrounding areas. A person infected with this condition will also develop redness and warmth on their tendons. A condition called crepitus will also be felt. It is the grinding sensation felt while the tendons are doing movements. A person will be diagnosed with wrist tendonitis once these symptoms have been recognized. Depending on the severity of the inflammation, a healthcare professional will perform several tests to determine the gravity of the condition. This is done to locate the exact source of the inflammation.


The most common treatment for wrist tendonitis is placing the wrist in a cast or splint. This is the initial step done to prevent further irritation on the inflamed areas. Since the cast or splint will be able to help rest the tendon, the inflammation will be decreased. Another effective treatment for this condition is applying an ice pack directly to the affected areas. It will help cool down the inflammation and stimulate proper blood flow. Anti-inflammatory medication could also be taken to prevent the condition from worsening. A non-steroidal medication will be able to decrease the amount of pain experienced by the affected person. Medications specifically made to cure the condition are very effective in decreasing inflammation.


nbnbnbnbnbIf you have been diagnosed with wrist tendonitis, it’s important to make sure that you wouldn’t be performing any strenuous activities which may worsen your condition. Make sure to modify your daily routine so that you could prevent any further injuries. Do not participate in an activity which will aggravate your condition. It’s always best to adjust your grip or lift to an object to make sure that the load is evenly distributed on your tendons. It is recommended to perform gentle stretches before doing any activity that involves your hands so that you can prep your tendons and get them ready.

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4 Reasons You Should Go Mountain Biking For Exercise And Therapy

It is a fact that mountain biking benefits the body in a lot of ways. It is a strenuous activity that works out the whole body. It is a highly recommended exercise for people who want to build stronger muscles and lose weight naturally. It is a sport that keeps the body healthy and fit. Numerous studies also show that mountain biking is an effective alternative to several types of therapy. For example, most psychiatrists to recommend the sport to individuals who are suffering from mental illnesses like anxiety and depression. There are even hospitals now that have mountain biking programs for their patients suffering from mental issues like psychosis.

Health Benefits

All round workoutsaSsCvSCcASc

Mountain biking is an exercise that will involve all parts of your body. A lot of people often make the wrong assumption that it will only work out the lower half of the body. But the fact is that the sport exercises your head down to your toes. It applies to those that prefer long-distance bike races. Whether you want to lose weight or build muscles, biking is an effective way to achieve it.

A Good Anti-Depressant

It’s effective in reducing stress and depression. This is why more and more medical professionals these days recommend mountain biking for exercise and therapy. The sport encourages you to get out and put your body to the test. This alone will help you clear your mind and forget about the things that are stressing you out. You also get to meet fellow bikers who share your passion. The more you ride out, the healthier you become, physically and mentally.

Develops Self Esteem

It increases your self-esteem. If mountain biking helps in reducing stress, it also follows that it helps in improving your self-esteem. As you develop the habit of riding out on a regular basis, your self-confidence level will also grow. This is mostly because of your improving health and the sense of community you develop with other bikers.

saaSCAcdsCBenefits backed up by medical studies

It is backed by scientific research. As mentioned earlier, there were numerous scientific studies done that show the benefits of mountain biking to the body. These benefits aren’t just physical. They can also be mental benefits.
Based on the advantages discussed above, it is advisable to go for mountain biking for exercise and therapy. For biking retreat, Hollywood bike racks are an invaluable transport aid. Notwithstanding, mountain biking is an activity that works out the whole body. Thus, it is very effective in building and toning muscles as well as in losing weight. If you are suffering from mental problems like depression and anxiety, mountain biking can be a great alternative to standard therapy.

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