What does Krill oil do for the body?


Over the last few years, Krill oil has gained tremendous popularity among health enthusiasts. This marine-based product is a major source of omega three fatty acids, essential nutrients required by the body for the healthy functioning of different systems. It was first touted for its heart benefits, and today it is used for everything from improving skin health to treating hair fall to enhancing the immune system. It is also known as one of the nature’s wonders. So what does krill oil do for the body? Let’s find out.

This oil is extracted from a tiny crustacean that can be found in the icy waters around the Antarctic. According to studies, it offers all the benefits of omega-3’s as well as phospholipids and antioxidants. Most people often confuse it with fish oil. However, both differ in the structure of omega fatty acids. If you are wondering what does krill oil do for the body, keep on reading.

What does krill oil do for the body?

Improves cardiovascular health

pillStudies have shown that this amazing oil, which is rich in omega three fatty acids can be effective in treating many health related disorders. Krill oil contains the omega three fatty acids, docosahexaenoic acid, and eicosapentaenoic acid, which are known for to promote healthy and efficient cardiovascular function. It promotes heart health by improving HDL (good) cholesterol levels and lowering LDL (bad) cholesterol levels. This, in turn, reduces the risk of several heart diseases.

Improves brain and cognitive function

Another major benefit of omega three fatty acids is in enhancing brain health. Omega-3 fatty acids are vital to the normal electrical functioning of nerves and brain. The prime component of krill’s phospholipids is known as phosphatidylcholine – a vital nutrient required for optimum brain health. EPA and DHA help in improving memory and concentration, alleviating the symptoms of depression and psychosis and reducing the risk of Alzheimer’s disease.

Promotes joint health

Omega 3 fatty acids are also linked with joint health. They promote the healthy growth and functioning of tissues supporting the joint, for example, cartilage, tendon, and ligament. Krill oil also contains antioxidants that are effective in fight chronic age-related inflammation of the joint tissues.


Relieves the symptoms of inflammatory conditions

The presence of antioxidants and polyphenols make Krill oil a helpful supplement to alleviate the painful symptoms of inflammatory conditions. Studies have found that regular supplementation with Krill oil can be beneficial in diseases like lupus, PMS, arthritis, and gout.

Enhances skin health

This marine-based supplement contains astaxanthin that improves skin texture, tone, and overall health.

On the market, you will find different brands of this supplement. But as a smart consumer, you should go for the best krill oil brand.

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Why you should Visit your Dentist Regularly

Regular dental visits are very important to maintain the overall dental health. The rule of thumb states that you should visit Pinewood Family Dental at least twice a year. Many dental problems are very treatable if diagnosed early and the dentist can do preventive care before they become worse.

Apart from diagnosing dental problems, there are some other illnesses that are diagnosed right from the dental health. To make sure that you take holistic care your health, it is advisable to visit the dentist as instructed.

Importance of regular dental visits

Dental cleaning

Dental cleaning is one of the reasons why it is always advisable to visDental cleaningit the dentist regularly. Brushing twice a day and flossing is not enough to maintain oral hygiene. Once in a while, you need professional dental cleaning from a dentist.

During professional dental cleaning, the dentist will be able to access all the areas of the mouth where the toothbrush does not clean. At the end of the day, professional cleaning offers you thorough cleaning. You can visit the dentist for cleaning at least every six months. This will ensure that you maintain dental hygiene.

Prevent tooth decay

The other main reason why people visit the dentist regularly is for preventive purposes. Cavities and tooth decay is a problem that many people face and the problem becomes worse with age. The good news is that it is easier to prevent tooth decay by visiting the dentist regularly.

If you visit the dentist regularly, he/she can identify the early signs of tooth decay and look for ways of preventing further damage. Tooth decay and cavities become worse if the problem is not solved early enough. Early diagnosis is the only solution to preventing decay and cavities.

Proper dental Dental cleaninghealth and beautiful smile

If you want to maintain a proper dental health, then it is advisable to regular visit your dentist. During the dental visit, the dentist will check for any signs, check the health of your gums and also make sure that everything is fine. It is also the work of the dentist to make sure that you have a beautiful smile.

To maintain a beautiful smile, the dentist will conduct some cosmetic surgery procedures like teeth whitening, teeth alignment and any other activities that will guarantee you a beautiful smile. The dentist will always make recommendations and suggestions on how to maintain a beautiful smile.

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Meal replacement shakes for weight loss


Meal replacement shakes do not contain any unique muscle building and fat reducing properties. They are simple powdered foods that supplement an existing diet. Your metabolism rate increases when digesting and processing whole meal foods compared with processing liquid foods. Therefore, this type of weight loss product will definitely work for you as long as you ingest it the right way.

How to use meal replacement shakes properly

1. Limitation

drinkDo not the use meal replacement shakes more than two meals unless a doctor tells you to do so. The shake should contain dietary fiber, at least 150, calories, and a well-balanced protein, vitamins, minerals, and carbohydrates.

If you are able to meet your nutritional requirements, then you won’t have to worry about feeling hungry. This will help you avoid the adverse effects to your health.

2. Troubling meals

If you happen to miss any meal of the day or if you take a lot of snacks, switch it to meal replacement shakes. However, you need to limit them to those times when you are busy, or you need fast food. These shakes ensure that you stick to your usual calorie intake.

3. Variety

The best option, in this case, is to use fresh fruits and vegetables. Fruits are great snacks for they have valuable natural fibers and nutrients compared to other foods. The same is true with vegetables especially the green and leafy ones.

4. Balanced nutrition

Your meals should consist of protein, carbohydrates, and healthy fats. When buying a meal replacement shake, the following points are crucial:

  • Ability to mix the powder with water, milk or, juice.
  • Meal replacement shakes should give a proper balance of calories ranging from protein, dietary fiber, carbohydrates, vitamins, and minerals.
  • They should not contain low saturated fats, sugars, and trans-fats. Ensure that the amount of calorie is right for you. This amount will depend on whether you are using the shake as a snack or a meal replacement. Always remember that a lot of sugar or a few calories can increase your appetite and end up adding more weight.smoothie
  • To make an informed decision, compare the different brands. Compare the calorie, fat, carbohydrate, and protein content.
  • Never judge your meal replacement shake by only tasting because companies add carbs and sugar to make them creamy and thick which may not help you to lose weight.
  • Prioritize buying best quality brand then consider taste.

In conclusion, the best meal replacement shakes are those that have low calorie and carbohydrates content to take you through a journey of weight loss. Find out where to buy Ideal Shape and achieve the weight that you have been longing for!

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