Top Realities Of Freezing Your Eggs

pregnant woman

Nowadays, a lot of women want to become mothers someday. Therefore, they are considering new options such as oocyte cryopreservation, or egg freezing. These options are meant to help them put off having a family until the time is right. In the past, it was not possible for women to stop the biological clock. Fortunately, women have now been empowered to be in control of their future. If you are thinking of this option, you need to consider the following.

What you should know about freezing eggs

You are ahead of the gamelady

When it comes to fertility preservation, you need to know whether it is the best option for you. It is true knowledge power, and it is necessary to understand your fertility potential and body. All these are necessary to making sound decisions that concern your future.

More than frozen eggs

You should note that egg retrieval is an involving process, which offers a lot of personal health information. Evaluation and testing of the female reproductive system are involved. Thus, physicians have an opportunity to look at the way your reproductive system is working. This means that you can understand your eggs at more than before.

Require some work

Egg freezing process requires some input from your part. During the first month, you are required to complete ultrasounds and check blood tests. On the second month, you will be taking medicine before the retrieval procedure. During this time, the growth of eggs is monitored with blood tests and ultrasound. When you are about to ovulate, your eggs will be harvested. During the procedure, you are placed under sedation. You will feel a bit of bloating and cramping afterward. You should freeze about 15 eggs to increase chances of success later.

Overcome your fear of needles

To stimulatesyringe your ovaries, medicine in the form of injections is needed. Usually, the needle is quite small and can cause prick on your skin. In fact, it is quite similar to the one used to inject insulin in kids. Fortunately, your physician will guide you to ensure the process is comfortable. Moreover, if a close friend or a family member is ready to administer shots, you can use his/her help as well.

No guarantee

You should note that by freezing your eggs, you are not guaranteed a baby. However, it offers you a reliable plan. When you are using your frozen eggs to become pregnant, you will need to complete different steps.

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Health Advantages of Inflatable Standups and Paddle Boards

paddle boards on seashore

Stand up paddle boarding has been a sport for quite a while now.It has been used in Hawaii as an exercise when waves are not good for surfing. Stand up paddle boarding entails less effort and is less engaging. It is an excellent way to get into the water while exercising simultaneously. The inflatable stand up paddle boards are great for exercising. There are many health benefits linked to standup paddle boarding.


It’s a workout

Paddle BoardsWell, most people will not imagine standup paddle boarding as being an intense workout. The sport utilizes almost every muscle. While maintaining balance together with arm movement, nearly every muscle is given a thorough work out. The exercise is advisable for people who spend their time in office all day. The sport will give them a good exercise which utilizes all muscles with minimal injuries.

Enhances balance

Standup paddleboarding requires balance as its core skill. You have to use your leg muscles for stability and to maintain balance. Stability and use of leg muscles increase mental focus. The mental focus will help in maintaining balance in day to day activities. This activity will also increase your strength. The first experience on an inflatable standup paddleboard may make your muscles sore, especially leg muscles. Soreness in muscles only means that they are growing. The exercise will, therefore, increase your strength as well as balance.


Cardio exercises have had a lot of health benefits to human beings. The risk of heart failures and strokes can be reduced significantly by cardio exercises. Standup paddleboarding is considered an intense form of cardio. While racing with others, you get to experience adventure. Adventure allows for a lot of body movements which aids cardio exercising. It is proved to remove the risk of heart disease and stroke considerably.

Vitamin D and stress relieve

Paddle BoardsThe sun is an excellent source of vitamin D. standup paddle boarding will expose your body to the sun throughout the whole exercise. This will give your body the right time to get vitamin D., On the other hand, spending your time doing some activity in water is an excellent way to relieve stress. It will enable you to think of something g else other than your day-to-day operations.

For some time people have been enjoying standup paddle boarding. With the use of an inflatable standup paddle board, getting into the water is much fun. It is a great way of spending time with family and friends as well as keeping fit. With standup paddle boarding, you can enjoy the water as well as keep your fitness level in good condition.

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Cost of Outplacement Services

slogan for pyramiding

Outplacement is certain services that are usually carried out by some specific companies whose primary aim is to help employees who are exiting or saying farewell to a certain company. The Outplacement services will purely intend to show these employees that there exist other jobs out there and tips on what to do when you are looking for a suitable job. Professional companies will also include in their packages a service on the psychology of the employees. This is because certain individuals get affected in a psychological way when they lose their source of job. One of the most asked query is the cost of the Outplacementkosten. The cost of hiring an outplacement service will depend on the following factors.


Career Support Service Provided

checkingA company that comes along with a big package of the services it provides will surely have a higher cost than a company that has a smaller package of whatever services it provides to the client’s employees. Also, the strength of the areas of services rendered will have a critical effect on the cost of hiring an outplacement service. This is because there are some services which are stronger in particular areas of expertise like, for example, a company that is known to be good at providing a CV writing service will cost more than a company that is not well known for offering that service.

Quest for Success

The cost of hiring an outplacement service depends on the search for success that an outplacement service company is offering. This is because a company that provides high cost will be the type of companies that gives 24/7 access to employees on their quest for success. A company that does not even specify their full commitment on the level of success there are willing to give to the employees will be a company that has low costs.

Coaching Credentials

A higher paying outplacement service company is the type of company that will have excellent coaching services. An excellent coaching service should have a minimum of factors such as the following; the experts and consultant team to be up to date with the job-seeking and recruitment knowledge; also the experts should be individuals that have a good working experience.

Social Media Support

watchSome of the good social media websites that play a useful role in job employment are social sites such as LinkedIn. A high paying outplacement company will give your employees support on social media sites. This is a step that aids in the creating awareness of a person’s skills to businesses that are looking for individuals who want jobs in particular skills.

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Signs that Show You Need to See an Optician

girl having an eye checkup

Regular eye checkup is as good as a physical examination. It is beneficial to all and more specifically those with a family history of eye disorders. Most people have realized that prevention is the key to better eye care. The worst mistake to make is waiting for signs and symptoms to manifest then run to a doctor.  An optician is specialized in making lenses and fitting glasses correct eyesight problems.

When you need to see an optician

Color blindnesseye checking

It is a problem of having difficulty in distinguishing color shades and intensity. In most cases, color blindness can be hard for a patient to discover until they get tested. It is a major problem experienced by males.

Retinal detachment

Retinal detachment is a condition characterized by sudden flashes of lights that combine with black floating spots in one’s vision. In other cases, it comes along with a veil that blocks a part of one’s vision. The best way to detect the condition is by covering one eye then testing one after the other.

Night blindness

Night blindness is a common eye problem that affects most people. It is a condition that affects one’s ability to differentiate objects, particularly under low light conditions. Night blindness is a clear sign for one to seek attention from an optician.


Cataracts is a significant vision problem that can bar one from renewing their driving license. It can be identified by going for an eye test examination. The common symptoms of cataracts include hazy vision, weak night vision where one experiences difficulty in detecting movements and object details.

Other symptoms of cataracts include blinding effect especially from automobile lights and bright sunlight, overlapping images from one eye and opaque appearance on one pupil. Moreover, painful inflammation and pressure from one eye suggest a problem in one’s vision.

Itching and burning eyesburning eyes

It is normal to experience itching eyes when exposed to certain conditions. However, when itching persists, it may be an indication of the onset of eyesight problems. Anyone that experiences unusual sensation of itching should consider seeking medical attention.

Seeing is critical to one’s safety. Seeking attention from a licensed optician is an imperative step one can take. It is good to have one’s eyesight checked regularly to avoid developing extreme vision problems. Most of the conditions can be prevented and treated early. The above signs show when you need to see an optician.

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The major causes of hair loss

Hair loss affects both men and women at some point in their lives. It can vary from a small area to the entire body. According to a study conducted by dermatologists, most people lose up to 100 strands of hair each day. In women, it is one of the most valuable organs since it defines female beauty. The causes of hair loss are usually related to the following factors;

Hormonal Dysfunction

Hormonal imbalances can make one to lose hair. There are a number of important hormones that are secreted from the thyroid gland. Therefore, thyroid problems may cause the loss. If affected, one should seek for thyroid treatment and hormone replacement therapy (HRT) to solve this problem. In women, hormonal imbalance can be due to pregnancy or the beginning of menopause. If one has an under-active thyroid gland, he or she is likely to experience hair loss. When androgen and estrogen in both male and female, are imbalanced one is likely to lose hair.

hair loss

Severe scalp infections

There are different types of fungal infections like ringworm can attack the hair. This can cause hair loss leaving some scaly patches. This is a common problem that occurs in young children. However, it can be treated using antifungal medications. Once the infections have been given proper treatment, the hair tend to grow back.

Heredity factors

This is the most common of all types of hair loss problems. A hereditary condition called male pattern baldness plays a big role. There is also female baldness though it’s less common compared to men. At a certain age, one may begin to develop a bald. Baldness in men is most common and can begin as early as during the puberty stage. It becomes soft, fine and short resulting in the loss. The genetic factors together with androgen hormones play a major role in developing baldness.

Radiation therapy to the head or a major illness

If a patient undergoes radiation chemotherapy, it can lead to serious hair loss. In most cases, it might never grow back as it was before. Surgical procedures are also one of the major causes of hair loss.

Hair treatments

It is commonly referred to as traction alopecia. Some treatments cause serious inflammation of the follicles can result in losing of hair. When the skin becomes scary, it could be permanent. Diseases like diabetes or lupus may cause one to lose his or her hair. The early warning sign for these diseases is hair loss.

hair loss

Psychological Factors

Many people experience hair loss when they experience physical or emotional shock. Studies have shown that stress can result in loss of hair.


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